Different jobs

There are so many different works that you could do, and its quit hard to know sometimes what to do. I remember when I was younger and I had to chose what things to study after high school, and it wasn't all that easy. It took some time to decide what I wanted to do.
But I think its good to do some practice before you decide, so that you have a general idea of what it is what it implies.
Because its easy to hear different types of jobs or you hear that one person is working with clinical data management and you wonder what is that? And how do you get that type of job?

Good to look around before you chose 

Yes I think that it is good to take some time and look around and see what the tings implies and if that is something that would be something that you would be enjoying. 

It good that you can always chose to work with something else after a while if you feel that what you chose wasn't really the thing for you. So its not the whole world what it was that you chose from the beginning. It happens that one want to start working with something else just because is seem a bit boring now the job that you have had for the last ten years. And thats perfectly normal to feel like that and so you maybe have to choose a mother thing to study later on and thats ok.
Yes sens there are so many different thing that you can do its no wonder that one wants to change after a while. So just chose something and go from there and it should do the trick. And maybe later you will change and want to do something else and thats ok.